From Standing Her Ground

Jodi fidgeted with the bottom of her blouse. Jean looked down at her from where she stood next to Jodi’s chair in the court hallway while they waited to appear before the judge. “Are you okay?” Jean asked.

“I’m terrified,” Jodi replied and looked up at Jean with red-rimmed eyes. She couldn’t believe how quickly the court date had come. Although it had been two months since her first visit with Jean, the time had passed way too quickly.

Jean put her hand on Jodi’s shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. She turned and looked down the hall when she heard footsteps coming their way. Jodi told her that she looked just like her mother, but that was an understatement. The woman walking toward them was an exact duplicate of Jodi, just older. She was following two men. Jean recognized Jarrod McCallister, a family lawyer who specialized in grandparents’ rights, who led Jodi’s mother, and a man Jean assumed had to be Jodi’s father.

Jodi’s father was a handsome man until he turned his cold blue eyes on you. Jean felt herself shiver when the man looked in her direction. Jodi stood as they approached and moved closer to Jean. Jodi’s father turned his eyes to Jodi. Jean felt Jodi straighten and glare back at him. “I warned you about trying to stand up to me, young lady,” Michael Nelson said in a deep angry voice. “I will play a role in my grandson’s life.”



From Second Chances

In the past, Pam had allowed Casey to be affectionate with her, but she would always stop Casey before Casey could kiss her, except for that one time. Casey wondered if she would stop her tonight. She put her lips on Pam’s neck. She could hear Pam’s sudden intake of breath. She planted another small kiss on Pam’s earlobe. She could see Pam’s eyes were closed and she was letting Casey slowing move closer so that their bodies were against each other.

Pam was shocked at own abandon. Her body had taken on a mind of its own, and it wanted Casey to touch her. Casey’s closeness was making Pam’s heart race, but Casey putting her lips on Pam’s neck almost made her heart leap out of her chest. They had done this before, but Pam had always stopped it before it went too far. She was always afraid that she would have to give up everything she had worked for just to be with Casey. Tonight, Pam was seriously toying with the idea of letting Casey have her.




From Suddenly

“Have you ever watched fireworks shot over the lake in the winter?”

“No, is that what we’re doing?” I asked.

“Is that okay?” She turned to me with questioning eyes and then turned back to the road.

“That’s great,” I said and pulled my coat a little closer. “It’s going be cold but it sounds awesome.”

“It’s beautiful,” she said. We drove to the beach area of the lake that was usually closed this time of year, but they had opened it up for the fireworks tonight. I was surprised there were so many people sitting on the beach huddled in blankets. We found a parking spot at the far end of the parking area. P. J. opened the back of her Jeep and pulled out two blankets.

“Come on,” she said and headed toward the beach. She found us a nice place where we had full view of the platform where they were going to shoot off the fireworks. I looked at my phone. We had ten minutes until it was midnight. She spread out one blanket. “Sit,” she said. She sat down next to me and wrapped the other blanket around both of us.



From The Wrong Place at the Right Time

Something in the woman’s eyes told Mary she had better go along with her. “Yes, yes, I was looking for you…Jackie,” Mary said, remembering the name tag the woman always wore on her beige UPS uniform.

“See?” Jackie said, taking Mary’s hand and pulling her away from the three vultures that had her pinned to the bar. Jackie pulled her out onto the dance floor. She put her arms around Mary’s waist. “Put your hands on my shoulders,” she instructed. “You want to make sure they think you are really here with me. You won’t be safe otherwise.”

Mary looked over her shoulder at the three women standing at the bar. They were watching Jackie and her intently. She looked back up at Jackie, and then did what she was told.

After they had started moving with the music, Jackie asked, “So what’s a pretty little straight girl like you doing in here?”



From Judge Not

“Yes, Jean,” Ashley said, using The Judge’s real name for the first time. “You’ll find someone else to be your plaything, but I have to move on with my life.”

Jean looked into Ashley’s blue eyes. She could see the sadness there. This was so hard, but she knew Ashley was right. She hated being out of control like this, but she had been thinking about ending this relationship, too. She just couldn’t stand that Ashley was doing this to her. Ashley knew it would piss her off so much that she would never speak to her again.

Ashley stuck the key out on her tongue.”Want it or not?”

Jean stared coldly at her for several minutes before finally nodding. “You’ll pay for this, though

“I have no doubt,” Ashley replied. She leaned down and placed her lips on Jean’s. She wasn’t going to just give her the key. She was finally going to get the kiss she had always wanted from her.




From Afternoon Delight

Alice stood too. “Before you go, I’ve got something I want to show you.” She went to the door leading into the house. “Come on.”

Jeri stood, feeling her buzz setting in. She didn’t drink often, and hadn’t eaten since lunch. She knew she should have passed on the second beer. This beer was stronger than she was used to.

Alice led her into her bedroom. Jeri immediately started getting nervous. “So, what did you want to show me?”

Alice was wearing a short-sleeve button-up shirt that was issued by the factory. She had her back to Jeri, and then turned around to reveal the shirt opened to show her beautiful, large breasts. “I’ve seen you look at them before, and I’m sure you want to know if they’re really mine.”

Jeri was speechless. She had often wondered, because they looked so perfect. Alice stepped towards her, taking Jeri’s hands and putting them on her breasts. “See, they are very real, and all mine. I was blessed.”



From Treacherous Souls

A pair of feet with neon green toenails appeared next to him. Kenton looked up at the owner of the feet. “That’s really not your color.”

The blow was unexpected and came with such force that it snapped Kenton’s head severely to the left. He tried to stand, but his balance was completely off. Stumbling forward, he fell against the chair; hitting his head at the temple in almost the same place his attacker had hit him. He was slipping from consciousness when he fell, smacking the other side of his head against the side of the pool before falling in.


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