Still Nothing

As many of you know, I’ve sent my most recent story, “Finding Jenna” out to the traditional publishing world. I heard back from an agent that thought there were things to like about the story, but wasn’t passionate enough about it to take it on.

Now, I’m waiting to hear back from a large LGBT publisher to see what they think. I’m a little bummed because it’s been more than a month send I sent it too them, and I’ve not heard a peep.

My writing has been sporadic and divided. I have four stories going on and I just can’t seem to get excited about any of them right now. Hopefully, I’ll get inspired soon and take off with at least one of them.

I’m planning on changing this website, again. I’m just not happy with how it looks so I’m going to play around with some ideas until I finally get something I really like going on. Hope life it treating all of you well. Peace. M. E.

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